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Protection of Natural Environment

In a world with shrinking natural resources met with rapidly growing human population, the vast rate of biodiversity loss, faster than the rate of regeneration has become a reality to glaring to be invalidated.

However, the various ecosystem system services afforded humans by our natural resources remains one that cannot be replaced. 

This therefore suggests the need to develop approaches, methods, and frameworks for implementation that conserves and restores our biodiversity towards achieving the goal of sustainable development in Nigeria

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Water and Sanitation

That man requires clean water and sanitation to attain healthy living and wellbeing remains a fact that cannot be overemphasized. However, the concerns of its availability in quality and quantity remains a challenge that leaves a wondering mind more disturbed. Unfortunately, the situational analysis of the Nigerians environment has shown that Nigeria is not exempted in discussions related to clean water and sanitation accessibility challenge, especially in rural communities.

This reality contributes to the high prevalence of associated diseases in the country, with a resultant increase in child mortality rates put at over 70,000 children under the age of five annually.

With only about 26.5 per cent of the Nigerian population currently able to access clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, it is without doubt that achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 6 in Nigeria by 2030 will require extraordinary and committed efforts from individuals, and political and business leaders. World Ecological Concepts Limited is therefore championing this reform cause at the local, state, and national level via research and on the ground actions.

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Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report revealed that climate change is real, and human-induced greenhouse gas emissions are its major drivers. The combination of climate change, poor management of natural resources, and related unsustainable practices has continued to devastate communities and livelihoods across the world, particularly in developing countries like Nigeria.

This reality therefore suggests that deliberate and urgent global actions necessary to ensure that our climate system is able to support and sustain environmental, economic, and social activities, and most importantly life is needed now than ever. In response to this need, World Ecological Concepts Ltd focuses on promoting Climate Education, and related Mitigation and Adaptation measures to the climate crisis, towards securing a livable future for all.

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Energy adoption and use in many nations of the world, particularly in the sub-Saharan region continues to be a major contributor to various environmental challenges plaguing the world. Biomass fuels use for cooking in many rural communities and the adoption of non-renewable energy provided by fossil fuel electricity generation are major driver of myriads of environmental challenges. 

World Ecological Concepts Limited prioritizes promoting clean energy education at the community level, increasing accessibility to clean energy by making it available at an affordable price across all community and income levels, and building the capacity of interested individuals on the generation and installation of clean energy including trainings on solar panel installation, clean cook stoves production, and solar lamps production, towards achieving sustainable environment via the adoption of green economy.  

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Waste to Wealth

The term ‘waste to wealth’ has continued to gain increasing recognition in the modern day setting, promoted by individuals looking to make a living through collection, sorting, and/or processing waste material, or those simply looking to conserve the aesthetics of the natural environment. The degrading impact of wastes to the aesthetics of the environment, coupled with its potency to promote environmental challenges like flooding, and the lingering climate crisis calls for the need for sustainable waste management approach (es) that does not only restore the aesthetics of the environment, but one that also makes good for account balance, thus making wealthy while providing solution to problems

06. Services

Training, Research and Consultancy

Our organisation renders first class training for individuals and other organisations on various environmental issues. We have international partners and experts working with us to develop curriculum that suits the needs of our clients. We render services on development of Green business, feasibility studies, site clearing. Water treatment and other environmental issues.

Ongoing and Customized

  • Green Business MasterClasses & Academy.
  • Customized trainings on Climate change, Solar Energy, Water Treatment, waste to Wealth and many more.