Maggot meal is a viable alternative protein source to fish meal, especially for the African cat fish.

Fishes grow to their maximum size and weight when fed with alternative processed insect meals. This is not only well versed with fishes but with poultry fowls and other farmed animals.

Many Insects species are well suited for industrial scale feed production. Such species include crickets, mealworms, black soldier fly, beetles, worms, grasshoppers, bugs, termites, cockroaches, and other insect wit

Farmers in Africa use this sustainable method of animal farming in growing the capacity of their farms since it is an inexpensive and good source of protein for use in animal feed.

Insect agriculture industry has grown tremendously and is still growing. Creating jobs and fueling economic growth. The world needs more insect meal producers for farmers

To learn about insect farming, the choice, cost, reliability of feedstock, safety, health and environmental issues; and strategies for industrial scale.

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