Recycling Electronic Waste

What do you do with your spoilt phone or Laptop?

Let me guess, abandon it on a table or throw it at the backyard.

Just like it is called, E-WASTE.

E-waste are gathered from unused electronic products like phones, iPad, smartwatch, computers, air conditioner, refrigerators, remote control, televisions, fan, printers, cookers, microwave, heaters, machines and any everyday electronic product. In short they are your digital rubbish. So as to accommodate more digital rubbish, the e-waste recycling industry has grown significantly.

Reports by Global E-waste monitor 2020 stated that only 17.4% of over 53.6 million tonnes of E-waste dumped by the entire world was recycled. This means that there is need for more E-waste recycling companies. Many local people use this refuse as a source of income by selling the outer components of this electronics as raw materials without knowing the subsequent hazards and dangers of handling E-waste. The ground, air and soil is being polluted by toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as lead and aluminum released from this waste

E-waste recycling companies are required to have necessary equipment and machine to decouple, dismantle and restore the functioning components of the devices. This is done to keep the dismantler and environment safe from the toxic and carcinogenic materials that are trapped within the device. Materials like e-plastic, glass, iron, aluminum are all detoxified, dismantled, separated and then threaded which makes them ready for use.

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