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1. Biodiversity Hub Project (ONGOING)

About the project

We hope to achieve this by partnering with existing green entrepreneurs to build the capacities of young people in setting up their own green/ sustainable businesses We   shall   provide   different   training   platforms such as Masterclass, Incubation and Biodiversity tour.

  1. MasterClasses in   which potential   green   entrepreneurs   will be trained on   various environmental issues, get exposed to various green businesses and equipped them to become better entrepreneurs.
  2. Incubation   Class:  This   is a   session   in   which   those   who   have   passed   through   our MasterClasses will get fully exposed to Green businesses, develop their business ideas and go for 2 -two months internship in various companies doing activities similar to their choices.
  3. Biodiversity Tour: This is part of activities to further expose the potential participants/ students to more practical classes

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