Kids for Sustainable Environment

So last Saturday, my team and I was at Life Line Comprehensive College, Ibadan for an Art competition, but this was a different competition. It was related to environmental sustainability and tagged “Art for sustainable development”. It was for students in the junior secondary school and senior secondary classes from different schools.

Portrait of an African American schoolboy with short hair wearing a green t shirt with a white recycling logo on it, holding two plastic water bottles and looking to camera, smiling, in an elementary school classroom, with his classmates and teacher standing in the background

The students wrote short creative notes about the environment while others made drawings related to environmental sustainability. Some made quotes like “Afforestation is the saviour of the world”, “Be a part of the solution and not a part of the pollution”, “The environment gives us the countless benefit that we cannot repay our entire life”, “Show me your environment and I will tell you how long you will live” while others submitted excellent sketches about climate change, pollution, recycling and tree planting.

And that is it; these kids learn to confront life and succeed; smartness should be taught in children very early. A wise man once said, “do not just teach your children to read. Teach them to question what they have read”. So, in other words, expose these little ones to a solution-driven life. Kids should volunteer and learn life skills. They will be glad they are contributing to the change the world needs. 


Do you know there are apps where kids can learn Python, programming and Data Science? Apps like Ruby on Rails, Node, react etc., are mainly for children. Children do not just sit within the four walls of a school or play away into the future. Did we not say our children are our future? Now they knit their shoes and get prepared for the future. 

Now, this brings me to the question, what are you doing to prepare your kids for the future? 

There are a thousand and one problems out there. What problem are you preparing your child to solve? 

World Ecological Concept limited has set out to train secondary school students on various environmental sustainability topics, with sumptuous training packages, your wards will be ready to conquer the world.

To enroll students in this training, contact 

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